Vx vs. Vy

Best Climb Angle, or Best Climb Rate?


Passengers on board, Vy or somewhere between when VX not needed.

Usually 90 knots I find most passengers don’t react to the deck angle at that speed.

By myself, Vx baybeeeeeeee especially in the cold winters of Mississippi :stuck_out_tongue:

Only ever did best angle when training…don’t think I could replicate…


…I’m stuck! :wink:

VR then second stage climb at V2 then 250kts to Ft290 where we transition to MACH .70 to ft410 and cruse at .780 to save fuel

V2+10 to 400 agl, then 250 IAS to 10k, then 280 transition .75, .78-.83 crz.

In a Jet - v2 to 1500agl then as needed.

In the 185 Vy or better unless there are obstacles right in front of me. I’ve found speed more valuable than altitude.


airspeed is life- Alt is life insurance

Very cool analogy!

Yeaaaaah! That’s why I love the “X.”

:open_mouth: With passengers, and good engines? …Way too steep and uncomfortable for pax IMHO. What you stated is our OEI profile.

Beechjet git’n R done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnAXEXpiBco

Noise abatement climb out of KSMO. They’re so picky… :unamused:

as shallow and noisy as possible. :smiley:

Otherwise, normal climb with no noise problems, retract the flaps almost right away (they’re slow). Reduce to climb power around 1000’/ or when flaps hit 0, 200/250/300/.75, cruise @ .80-.82.

If noise abatement is required flaps to 10 if climbing straight ahead then V2+10-20 to 3000’. Leave flaps at 20 if turning. Climb power at the airport boundary.

On this side of the Atlantic departure control will sometimes clear aircraft for a high speed climb so it’s straight to 300 KIAS after any required noise abatement departure.

Low altitude rate of climb varies a lot but typically between 2000 and 3500 FPM at most weights and temperatures.


I quite my first flying job, Corporate Hawker.

Now I fly with sensors & crew only.
Our SOP - V2 to 1500,
entry point in close - 220@ MCT all the way up.
if there is a transit to the entry point 250 all the way up.

I do fly the odd contract trip every now and then, & do make it very pleasant if boring (for me) ride.

It slipped my mind as to the missions that you fly… Agreed, it is much more fun that way. :wink:

When I was younger, working the line at a FBO, I loved watching the check runners in their 20 series Lears depart at V2. Yeah baby…