Tail Number

Can anyone tell me how I might find the tail number of a specific commercial flight? Looking for the ID on Allegiant 746 out of KABE on Saturday night.


The BTS On-time database will have the tail number in about 3 months.

This question has been asked many times here. Besides the database above, you can see if it is in a ACARS database by using the search feature above to look for discussions on ACARS or tail numbers.

Only ‘class 1’ carriers are required to report on-time performance to the DoT; Allegiant isn’t. FWIW I’ve never seen any AAY/G4 entries on the usual ACARS sites, do they even have it ?

They are in the Air Carriers : T-100 Domestic Segment (U.S. Carriers) database; unforunately, this doesn’t include tail numbers.

Well the Allegiant flight 746 that had the engine failure was