System Monitoring


This is for anyone one who might be obsessed with numbers and statistics and looking at their PiAware devices’ performance in real time, with lots of graphs and drill-down, and barely making a dent in the devices’ resources (CPU/memory) - it’s called netdata

This is a deep dive into everything that’s on the Pi except the piaware and dump1090 application data - there are numerous ways to get into that already presented by others in this forum. I find the netdata application to be able to see the guts of the operating system/device metrics in picture and numeric form without having to program anything. Kind of like using an oscilloscope to poke around electronics… Short term, detailed information that doesn’t disturb the device being measured (much).

The installation instruction for a Pi is relatively simple for any Linux host:

bash <(curl -Ss

The link to the installation details is:

If one is comfortable with the command line and logging into a Pi, it is reasonably simple to install and get running, and ‘just works’ without a huge performance penalty on my Pi 3B (not +!):


One can spend a lot of time staring at the details!
My PiAware system overview looks like this (there is a LOT more detail) -

Check out the live demo sites for lots of pretty graphs…


not obsessed but fascinated by graphical representations, charts, maps etc. computer art :wink:
thanks for the post. what I find interesting is
which provides opportunities to make direct, own/customized stats (if computer literate :wink: )
even for apps that do not provide stats, say, Dump1090 by Malcolm Robb.


Add some nice system monitoring with rpimonitor using simple ‘iframe’ tag in dump1090 web page.
Also added ‘feeders’ running service into it.

its for learning purpose only though.