System adds "N" before non-N Registration numbers

The system automatically adds an “N” in front of the registration number of photos that don’t already contain it (if they are numeric registrations).

This causes military registrations to show up falsely as civilian aircraft.


I’ve typed the registration as “79153”. When the system adds the N to it, it maps to a completely different aircraft.

Is there a way around this?

You could try putting in the full number. Isn’t a number like “79153” actually something officially like 67-9153?

I can’t think of a workaround for you. We’re using the same code to validate photos tails that we use for flight tracking, where numbers only idents don’t appear.

Thank you for your suggestion. However:

The 6 is a designator, and not part of the aircraft’s actual identification.

Even if I had used your version of the “full number”, the system still interprets that as a numeric ID which requires an “N” in front of it.

The system does not allow for hyphens and removes them when entered.

You’ve got that the wrong way round. 67-9153 is the full identification. 79153 is the tail number. You should be putting the full ID on the photos to be correct.

There are many aircraft photos here with the wrong number because like RobK said, you should be putting the whole ID number, not just whats on the tail.

I posted a photo of an A-10, 79-0153. Concord977 posted a photo of the same aircraft that reads, N79153. If that registration was taken, somebody’s Cessna 150 might have had an A-10 photo attached to it.

I always research the military tails before I post them so I don’t put the wrong number. If I can’t find the correct number, I leave it blank.

Even though the system adds the “N” prefix, if you put the whole ID number, because 99.99% of military tail numbers, are not the full ID number, the photo will not attach to the wrong number.

Could you fool the software and prevent the automatic N, if you put in something like USAF or USN before the mil ID?