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Sydney, Australia is now user UNFRIENDLY

Sydney ( SYD/YSSY ) is closing the Observation deck permanently as from 4 March 2014.
They say its for “operational reasons” which means they dont want to spend $$ tidying/fixing it up after years of neglect, and they couldnt give a monkeys toss about the public and spotters.
Sydney USED to have a great reputation… but that is now well and truly tarnished !

Alot of US Airports are the same… Before KDEN was DIA, and was the Stapleton Airport, they had a nice obs area between the B & C Concourse that I spent my years growing up too.



because of this muslim terrorist being caught up in YBBN Brisbane it has ruined the chances of the observation deck be reopened now. It was going to be re opened with tighter security.

Yes YSSY/syd airport management have not got the gut to come out and explain the real reason for the closure. With the way things are on edge at the moment it will remain closed for a while.

If the management of YSSY woke up to themselves instead of having wet dreams most days we would have a good observation deck. But they don’t want to spend the money up grading it so they have closed it until further notice

They don’t want to spend the money refurbishing it and it was a good spot for viewing

Why do they think terrorists will bother to take the risk with airport security, when they can stand outside the airport by the fence.

Perhaps one day the terrorists might throw a bottle of VB aussie beer over the fence to wake up YSSY airport management to let them no there views of rebuilding a viewing deck they might get a blast from the past.

Same up at Logan Airport (KBOS) I spent a lot of time on the top level of the parking deck enjoying myself. But one day, some stupid security guard came and said I could no longer spot up here without getting authorization and wasting half an hour of my spotting time by doing so.
Best Wishes, Adam