Sydney Australia Intl flights diverted . . .

Pictures & Video as unprecedented dust storm sweeps over Sydney.

That’s bad. I would hate to be in that!

Dang it, I was in Sydney last week and I missed it.

Not great to have that stuff going into the plane engines surely, there’s a picture near the bottom of that article you posted. Maybe that was before the flights were diverted.

I’m sure the engines were not performing as well as usual.

Better perspective on it here: … =113109900 … 5778417848

The latter site has some killer shots. From the NPR site, I have pictures from pretty much those exact same areas (except Luna Park) on a clear day. Complete contrast compared to this, and the Luna Park picture they have there is kinda freaky! Like it came out of some horror movie with clowns!

I haven’t checked yet, but I don’t remember if the LiveATC feed for YSSY was up, but I know for sure the YSBK one was, so that might be worth looking through the archives.


Thanks for more pics. Amazing to see!

Here is satellite photo from Nasa’s Earth Observatory: … p?id=40274

Talking to a friend of mine right now. The smoke has hit Cairns. They are about 3nm south of YBCS. For those not in the know, Cairns is 9 hours north of Brisbane, and 17 hours drive north of Sydney. It’s their dry season right now, and they have wildfires up in the Tablelands west of them. But it’s spreading north: … ry_id=7621