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Swapping FlightAware Pro sticks on a PiAware setup

I am building a PiAware setup for a friend in the USA and was going to send it out to him to plugin to an aerial and start enjoying/feeding data into FlightAware. But then on a forum here it dawned on me that I’ve got a UK Pro Stick which filters out different frequencies potentially to US bought Pro Sticks (something to do with different mobile phone frequency bands)

The question is, please:
If I build a Pi setup ready to go using my UK Pro stick could my friend in the USA just pop in a US Pro stick that he buys and it will just work OR is the setup in any way “keyed” to the flight stick that it was built using. I’m hoping he can just swap it over otherwise I’m going to have to get hold of a US Pro stick here in the UK.

Thanks for any advice.


That pertains only to the extra filter you can purchase.
Even that difference is not relevant for 1090 MHz, only for 978 MHz.

So go ahead it should work fine.

Splendid, thanks for the advice.

Just to make it clear, the ProSticks sold in the US and Europe are identical.

Only the filter is different, and even that would not be a problem being used in the other country.
The US filter is not as narrow and also works for 978.
Might not be too useful in Europe due to LTE.

The EU filter is very narrow and won’t work for 978.
Will work equally well for 1090 regardless of location.

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Thanks, this is all new to me, so I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

(Today my own FlightAware aerial is moving from hanging inside the back bedroom window (where it doesn’t do bad considering) to roof mounted. Fingers crossed it should see some good improvements :slight_smile: )

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