Supersonic Corporate Jet Thread


QSST from LiveLeak, and the QSST Supersonic Aerospace Intl website.


Aerion Corporation website

Article from Flight Global regarding SST Corporate Jets .


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Turns out it takes a little more than just reindeer.


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Q: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”



Come on now James…You know damn well that between the environmentalists and the FAA, it won’t be certified in ten years…besides you’ll be the Avant(heir) by then… :wink:


Environmentalists will do everything in their power to stop it, but I think the FAA has been generally supportive. They didn’t kill the Boeing SST, they allowed the Concorde to operate in the US (that was a beautiful bird to fly) and we have any number of military supersonic aircraft in the US.


Generally supportive yes… My comment regarding the FAA was toward a very lengthy certification process. Looking back at what Raytheon, a well established aircraft manufacturer, faced certifying the Starship, (that was for you Chris) the Premier, and the Hawker 4000, and every other clean-sheet design of late for that matter. With the exception of the Cessna Mustang. But it wasn’t entirely clean-sheet in a true sense of a start-up project. I believe that certifying a supersonic bizjet will be monumental. While the technology has been around for years, the FAA has never certified such an aircraft. Granted there were global economic factors in play, but Boeing, with all of its resources never even got their SST design past the mockup stage. . For the sake of aerospace advancement, I hope that I’m wrong…but history speaks for itself…


Aerion orders take off!!! AvWeb Dec 12/07

Aerion SST Orders Take Off

Aerion Corp. took its first order for a supersonic business jet just a few weeks ago, at the Dubai Air Show, but announced on Tuesday that it has now secured orders for 19 jets at $80 million each, totaling over $1.5 billion in commitments. “Considering our marketing effort has barely begun, this is a tremendous validation of the aircrafts appeal,” Aerion Vice Chairman Brian Barents said in a news release. The company said it expects to recruit a manufacturing partner by 2008 and have a certified jet in service by 2014. ExecuJet CEO Niall Olver, who is working with Aerion to help sell the jet, said: “Based on the homework we did prior to entering into this agreement with Aerion, we are not surprised at the number of people coming forward. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The Aerion supersonic business jet was formally unveiled in October 2004. Since then, the design has been under development with computer models and wind tunnel tests. The jet is designed to cruise at speeds up to 1.15 Mach over land without producing a boom on the ground, and at speeds up to 1.6 Mach in other areas. Over the continental U.S., where regulations require speeds below Mach 1, the aircraft can cruise efficiently just below the speed of sound. The aircraft will seat eight to 12 passengers and have a range in excess of 4,000 nautical miles, the company says.


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I can only imagine what will come next… The VLSSJ. Cessna is already scouting factories in China.