Sully's Retiring

Good for him I say. From the article:

NEW YORK - Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who piloted a US Airways flight during its emergency water landing on the Hudson River in January of last year, is retiring Wednesday.
Sullenberger, 59, joined US Airways’ predecessor airline in 1980.
Flight attendant Doreen Welsh, who was also on Flight 1549 when it landed in the Hudson, is also retiring. Welsh, 59, joined US Airways’ predecessor airline in 1970.
All 150 passengers survived the emergency river landing in January 2009 when the plane’s engines were struck by birds.,2933,587841,00.html

Maybe he’s going to use our restaurant idea - or open up a flight school? Let’s make a wager - what’s next for Sully?

He just landed for the final time as a USAirways Captain.

I’ll bet Sully’s tired of all the cameras and people around him… :unamused:

Then why would he attend public appearance/speaking engagements and write a book?..

They came back for just enough time to prove they weren’t scared of the cockpit, get their picture taken and perhaps end on some dry landings. Now they’re going to pursue appearance fees and speaking engagements which will pay much better than running shuttles.

guy I know who works at the center had him on his frequency for a little bit on his last flight.

Well he seems a little off…

Kinda like the person who just typed this post, huh? :laughing:

I had the chance to talk to him a couple months ago (Sully is a local guy over here. I’m in Sacramento. He’s from Danville, which is between Sacramento and the Bay area). This guy is one of the most calm, down-to-earth, and most importantly, one of the most humble people I have ever had the chance to meet. No-where near egotistical, narcissistic, or craving the spotlight.

He’ll go down in the history books for the flight, but there is no escaping that. My point is that he is the same person now as he was pre-AWE1549.

In fact, he did a radio call-in show here a few months ago, called Forum, with Michael Krasny. The arcive of that interview is here. Have a listen to it, and ask yourselves again if he wants/craves the attention he’s been getting.


I have no doubt that he’s down to earth and that the Hudson incident hasn’t really changed him. I’ve read his book and he seems like an awesome guy. Nobody on here can really blame him for playing the hand he was dealt though - anyone in his shoes would take the $$ that comes with the exposure and spend more time with their family if given the option.

I certainly didn’t intend to imply that he’s a narcissist, and BL. I agree with your assesment of his personality. His involvement and his messages conveyed in public appearances and speaking engagements bear that.

By going on “the circuit” he can earn more, while doing good, on his terms, rather than dealing with the day-to-day BS realities of the airline industry anymore. Plus he’ll still have travel benefits… :wink:

He’ll find it hard to resist getting up to the flight deck his next flight, that’s for sure.


Good for Sully! 8)

According to the AP article I read, this was his last: … /KFLL/KCLT.

His final flight, number 1167 from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to his base at Charlotte (N.C.) Douglas International Airport took just under two hours. It arrived at 2:48 p.m. EST - 17 minutes ahead of schedule.

Video of the water cannon salute on his A321, a rare one with the old livery.
Not only was Doreen Welsh on the flight, but they say Jeff Skiles was in the right seat, and some of the 1549 survivors made the trip as well.

It’s very cool how some of the flight attendants and passengers have stuck with Sully and Skiles. I hope to read about their 25th reunion some day (1/15/2034).

I took the flight info from another source that I believed (as it normally is) to be accurate.

In this case the source apparently missed the mark…

For those that want it, the departure out of KFLL was caught on the LiveATC feed there. I’m not sure about the KCLT arrival, though.


They should rename a waypoint in the route he typically flown between KFLL and KCLT, or KLGA and KCLT called sully. :laughing: :slight_smile:

I admire his professionalism and superb piloting skills. Truly a Lindbergh of our time.

A master craftsman and knows his trade well!

Unfortunately, they can’t:

It already exists on V54, just outside of the Memphis Class B airspace. Good sentiment, though.


How 'bout a SID containing:

Seriously?.. :unamused:

A hero?.. You bet!

A “Lindbergh of our time”?.. Uh…no.

Even he wouldn’t agree.