First week using this, what possibilities you have!

I didn’t recieve an email for any flights I’m tracking so far, I’ve rechecked my email address and it’s correct.

I would like to add several email address and text messege possiblities. This way clients could track the flight easier. I suggest up to 10 per airplane and up to 5 different airplanes listed.

Using Pocket PC 2003, I am unable to log in.




Hi, Jeff, and welcome to FlightAware. We do not offer e-mail alerts yet; the mobile address you specified is a placeholder for this application that we’ll release soon. Many mobile devices that do not support Javascript are not able to login to FlightAware. We’re going to be rolling out some changes to the web site in February that will resolve that problem.


Thanks for the fast reply

The only reason I’m holding on to the other paid service is because that service text messeges me and also emails me and my staff whenever a listed airplane’s flight plan is filed, is airborne and has landed. A very useful feature.

Keep up the good work.



Hi, Jeff. You can now login without Javascript. Enjoy.


I just added your link to my blog, but next to the Firefox button it doesn’t have much appeal.

Have I overlooked a button somewhere?


Like class C, etc. :wink: