Sudo apt-get update

I am trying to do a sudo apt-get update and the last line I get at the end is

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

anyone know how to fix this?


Got the same thing. Message http error 403. Google search found suggestions to remove a few references or uograde to jessie. Reminds me of notations on old charts " Terra Incognta Dragons be here".
I think raspian is getting old.

Ditto for me.

Hope I dont have to update OS now

My crystal ball is broken, please post the full error message, I’m sure this can be easily fixed.

This is my first post here and it’s not even plane related… :wink:

Don’t worry too much or re-install your OS - it might be related to old repos not being updated anymore or a network issue on either side.
I personally prefer “aptitude” over “apt-get”. It even has an ASCII-gui front-end and “sudo aptitude update” behaves the same.

When running the update command, you will see stuff like “Hit” , “Ign”, but also maybe 40x errors (as far as I recall). The 40x’s are the missing or unreachable repos.
Old repo’s are often to be found in directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ or file /etc/apt/sources.list - once you are sure these repo’s are obsolete, you can either remove the file from the directory and / or remove the line from that file and run “sudo apt-get update” (or “sudo aptitude update”) to refresh the local repository.

It might be more than just Ours. My laptop is Linux Mint and Im getting update errors on it too.

Hit vivid-backports/universe armhf Packages
Hit vivid-backports/multiverse armhf Packages
Hit vivid-backports/main Translation-en
Ign flightradar24/raspberrypi-stable Translation-en_US
Hit vivid-backports/multiverse Translation-en
Hit vivid-backports/restricted Translation-en
Hit vivid-backports/universe Translation-en
Ign flightradar24/raspberrypi-stable Translation-en
Reading package lists… Done

No problems here with Ubuntu vivid…

I was having the same problem…403 Forbidden errors when trying to access

I found that the Pi no longer gets updates from Collabora, so I had to go into ‘/etc/apt/sources.list.d’ and remove ‘collabora.list’.

I re-ran the update, and all went smoothly.

I hope this helps.