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Stuffed up RPi 2 PiAware wifi setup / reconnect - Heelllp?!

Hi guys,

After waiting a couple of weeks for my RPi 2 case to turn up, installed PiAware on the microsd card.

Registered my Rpi, confirmed the server status was running.

Changed the default password, expanded the OS to fill the card (64gb), enabled auto / manual updates etc as from here…


Got to the bit about writting the script to check and reconnect wifi (that same page), started the script manually, and got the following output looping:

Network connection down! Attempting reconnection.
wpa_supplicant: wpa_action is managing ifup/ifdown state of wlan0
wpa_supplicant: execute ‘ifdown --force wlan0’ to stop wpa_action
run-parts: /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/wpasupplicant exited with return code 1
run-parts:/etc/network/if-up.d/wpasupplicant exited with return code 1

This sat their and looped at me - the “multicoloured square” top right showed up occasionally (presumably at each loop).

Had to CTRL ALT DEL to get out of the loop.

Now it’s rebooted, it gets as far as showing me the MAC for Eth0 and WLan0, shows me two IP’s (presumably 1xEth0, 1xWlan0) , then just sits there…

GAH! Had nearly blinking finnished as well! >;(

Any thoughts gents?

(I believe it’s sat here trying to load the reconnect script, preseumably getting stuck in the same loop (though no output to screen) Not getting to the command prompt here, I’ll no doubt have to reformat and go back to scratch…?)

Took thge wifi dongle out, rebooted, put it back in again, and its now back to the looping of the connection script as before.

Gets as far as confirming MACs, (eth0/wlan0), a single ip address, then comes up with the “Network connection is down!” message, before looping with the text as before.

There is a window (presumably 10 secs from the script) where i have input access, but not sure what - if anything - to enter?

This is a total shot in the dark, but many issues are caused by weak or noisy RasPI power supplies. Make sure you have a good one (like a 2A iPad charger) and try again.

can you confirm your wlan0 is in good state? I installed debian and installed piware later so I am not familiar with the piaware sd card load.
See the state at the command line,

iwconfig wlan0

Can you try hardwire connection? Could show if problem is wlan or not

Hi guys,
Reformatted the sd card and started again… This time ignored wifi and running directly from my router.

All is good, online and feeding fine… Aprox 450 aircraft tracked in the last 4 hours!