Stored or scrapped aircraft eg:747, DC10,L011,727


I notice while looking at certain web sites of retired aircraft or scrapped aircraft and even stored aircraft. What are the differences between them?. Her’s an example. ZK-NBT a former Air NZ jet or Boeing 747-419 was ferried to Miami OPA in 2012. It is listed on as stored. Yet getting info from the owner Air NZ says it was scrapped and still sits there parted out. Another is a former Air NZ Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBU classified as stored> Yet according to the company or airline who also owned it. They say it was parted out scrapped. The smae with some of the British airways Boeing 744’s at Victorville parted out and stored yet some sites say there scrapped. Can anyone from FLIGHTAWARE help me out is to why the info is not correct or up to date. I googled the rego’s and Wiki some info is not correct. I would like to know is the airline operator correct with there info or is it the other web sites that are correct. I would like to here your views.


I can say this when the aircraft is due for retirement depending on on it’s age and condition it’s in. The airline who owns it will either store it for a while, which in the long term means it’s up for sale looking fo a buyer at a cheap price. Otherwise after a length of time it will be parted out therefore be scrapped. Some aircraft put to the desert floors will go on with a life of another carrier or freighter company and others well the gone but not forgotten. I normally don’t come on the Discussion area but i have being looking at some very interesting articles people put on there.