Stats Webpage Not Working After First-Time piAware Install


This is more of a solution than a question:

note: This was my first piAware feeder, maybe this only applies to first-timers…

Yesterday, I downloaded the latest piAware SD image and loaded it into a brand new pi. Connected everything, booted up.

When I went to the “Claim your piAware” page, it already showed my new pi as being linked to my user account, but the ‘view statistics’ page did not work; it said that I had no registered devices feeding data.

I waited 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 18 hours, and still nothing showed up for stats.

Just now (21 hours later), I decided to follow the manual ‘setup’ procedure of running ‘sudo piaware-config …’ on the pi, and within 1 minute I received an email stating my feed was online and the stats page began working about a minute after that. I noticed that I have stats for the past 21 hours on the page, so my data had been feeding since I powered up the yesterday, but apparently the entire registration/setup process doesn’t work when attempting to do it “automatically”.

helpful hint: you don’t need a keyboard/monitor to perform the manual setup; you can instead SSH into the pi (natively from *nix or via PuTTy from win) and get everything done that way too (if you can figure out the pi’s IP address; the DHCP table in your router is a good tool for that)

Hope this helps for anyone else running into this issue (until it is resolved).


Perfect, thank you. This was exactly my problem and this immediately resolved the issue.


Thanks for your feedback. We believe we’ve identified and addressed the problem. The change will be live on the site Monday afternoon.