Repaired PiAware feeder not showing in account

I have my main raspi feeder at home (site 5477). I had installed a second PiAware feeder at a family member’s house in another state. It stopped working a few months ago, and I am just now having a chance to repair it. The raspi is working, and piaware-status shows that everything is working (successfully connecting to FlightAware). The feeder does not show up in my account. Is there another step I need to perform to have it show up again? Thanks for your help!


The “claim” page shows that there are no new receivers. However, it does show both of the receivers I have; the active one that displays on my stats page, as well as the other one that I just fixed. Also, the info for the repaired receiver has been updated. It used to run piaware 1.something. I upgraded to the latest version, and the “claim” page shows the new current version (previously it showed the 1.? version).

Any ideas?


We are working on fixing this issue for you.

A case has been assigned on your behalf (Case #52827). Someone will reach out to you shortly.

Your patience is appreciated.

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I have the same problem with a receiver not showing on my stats page.

I reused a device that I had previously used as a PiAware receiver (it’s not a Raspberry Pi but is a similar Linux/ARM device). As with scholztec’s issue, it shows up in the list on the claim page as an existing receiver but it but it is still not showing on my stats page after 24 hours of use. This is now one of my two active receivers, but all I am seeing on the stats page is the other active one and three inactive ones. The receiver itself is working perfectly, including MLAT, so it is certainly talking to the FA servers.

Here are my site IDs and MAC addresses:

Site (???) - c2:22:09:f2:5f:e8 - not showing on stats page - my newly active receiver.
Site 7253 - b8:27:eb:7a:80:45 - showing on stats page - now inactive Pi that the above one has replaced.
Site 7429 - 00:1e:06:cd:68:a7 - showing on stats page - my other active receiver.

I also have two other receivers showing in my stats page that I would like to be rid of but I can wait 30 days for them to disappear if there’s no way to delete or hide them:

Site 12033 - 00:1e:06:c2:10:d0 - A receiver that had timing issues with MLAT, which won’t use again.
Site 12069 - 00:eb:2d:2a:d2:53 - Another old and inactive receiver that only appeared after I visited the claim page yesterday.



Thank you Martin. We are looking into your issue currently. I have created a ticket (#53254) and will be in touch when we have solved the issue. I will communicate via the ticket that you opened with our support team.

Looks like we have you all set up with the MAC address you mentioned now appearing on your stats page. … stats-5187

Is this a site you set up or did the site just appear on your stats page after you went to the claim page?