Stats page showing wrong version

My Flightaware ADS-B stats page is showing the wrong version.

Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 4.0

It is a remote site and I logged in and it shows the following versions

pi@Pi2:~ $ dump1090-fa --version

| dump1090 ModeS Receiver dump1090-fa 7.1 |



pi@Pi2:~ $ piaware -v
pi@Pi2:~ $

It was recently updated to 7.1 on a new SD card.

Any suggestions what is wrong and how to fix it.



You have two different machines both configured with the same feeder ID; they are fighting for the connection and the stats page reflects whichever one last sent an update.

host #1 has: hostname “Pi2”, MAC ending :B2, local IP x.x.x.52, public IP 58.96.x.x, piaware version 7.1, OS bullseye
host #2 has: hostname “Pi2-PI”, MAC ending :CE, local IP x.x.x.127, public IP 119.18.x.x, piaware version 4.0, OS buster

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Some say Murphy was an optimist. Others say Murphy was just an absolute bastard.

Murphy’s Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will .

Having been through the world’s longest lockdowns in Melbourne I took the opportunity to go away for the week to a farm over three hours drive away.

Mr Murphy thought it would be funny to trigger the earth leakage detector in the room that powers 4 piaware systems.

It wasn’t hard to work out what was wrong so I asked someone to reset the earth leakage breaker and all was good.

A month or two ago I got to swap out the microSD on my device called Pi2 which was running piaware 4.0 and put in a new card with piaware 7.1 running on bullseye.

I brought the SDcard home and put it in a spare Pi and forgot about it. It was never turned on. When the power went out and was reset the Pi with the old card started and I was running two Pis with the same identifier.

I don’t think Murphy was an optimist, I think he is a right royal bastard.

Thanks @obj for your quick diagnosis.



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