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Stats Page - Coverage Graph


On the section “Coverage Graph” on the user Stats Page, a very useful and nice to have would be an added function of (a) Recording the actual maximum distance achieved in the 24 hours past, and (b) Being able to “click” that and see the actual flight details and time of that “maximum distance seen”.
So when I look at my page in the morning I can see that during the night sometime I achieved a maximum distance of, say for example, 263 nm, and if I click on that I can see what flight it was and the time it achieved that distance.
As with the other details already available on the “coverage graph” I could select a past date (the default is “show last 24 hours”) and instantly see the maximum distance achieved on that date selected (and the flight details associated with it).
This request is brought around by the fact that I usually achieve a max range of “between 160 & 200 nm” and very seldom see a shading for 200+ nm on my coverage graph - but recently I awoke to find a 200+ shading. I looked at my stats on FR24 (that I share a feed to) and saw that the maximum distance (yes, they show that) the previous day was 263 nm. However, I could not establish when this occurred, or what flight it was.

So FlightAware - is it too much to ask to add this functionality to our Stats Page?
Many thanks.