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Station Offline - Gone from My ADS-B



I have two stations in UK.

Am on an extended visit to US and have one of my stations with me.

My second station has disappeared from ‘My ADS-B’ page, I assume when I eventually log back on that it will reappear, the unique identifier will obviously be in the configuration.



As far as I know, if a station is off-line for more than 30 days, it is removed from user account.

After the deletion of station number as above, if the station logs-in again even with same unique identifier, a new station number is allotted to it.


or after sign-in, you can try
see if your receiver is in the list and get the ID


Thanks for advice folks, not really a major issue except that it was my original setup and showed a long uninterrupted run. It’s only numbers after all.

Interesting though seeing different traffic, in UK I am close to Heathrow and see quite a bit of aircraft around 7 to 8000 feet but presently in California commercial traffic is light and usually 14000 feet or higher but a lot of light aircraft as local airfield around a mile away.