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Move My PiAware?

I am trying to reach out to someone at FlightAware to see if it would be more advantageous to the community if I moved my PiAware Site 101187 Unique Identifier: xxx

I have a location in northern Michigan approximately 12 Miles SSW of

FAA Identifier: GLR
Lat/Long: 45-00-49.1000N / 084-42-12.9000W

45-00.818333N / 084-42.215000W
45.0136389 / -84.7035833

Please don’t post your unique identifier. It’s been removed from this post.

To contact support please e-mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com.

So Sorry, I didn’t know about not posting the Unique Identifier!

Please consider bringing my question to the proper staff member.


Most likely it’s not that important but you can check the coverage yourself:

Move the slider to 0-10000 ft or 10-20000 ft because the higher altitudes are well covered anyway.

Then you can toggle Aireon (space based) to estimate if there could be better terrestrial coverage in an area.
I would recommend you to have your feeder where you like it but that’s just me.

As written above, if you want to get in touch with staff it’s better to use the mail address provided.

Thanks so much for the reply.