St. Thomas USVI

I am traveling non rev on American Airlines to St Thomas USVI from miami. I understand that I will need a 2 forms of ID (I have no passport) bit I want to know if the boarding process will be any different. I need to know if it will take more time than a standard aa domestic flight because of document checking anything else. I will be short on time but could make it if nothing is different from the usual. Any help is appreciated! … ments.html … travel.htm

Also, if you commonly travel nonrev you should probably get a passport.

I got a passport event though I don’t travel internationally. I find it’s actually more convenient when going through the Terminally Stupid Assholes “security” checkpoint.

Due to the time it takes to get a passport, I’d advised getting one now even if you don’t have any international travel planned for the foreseeable future. It’s good for 10 years. And you never know - you just may win a trip to an exotic foreign destination but can’t use it due to a lack of a passport. :slight_smile:

(Yes, you can get rush service but it is really expensive)


I am in the process of getting a passport. That’s kinda why I chose the Virgin Islands. I did my research as to what I will need. my question is how the flight is in terms of how much time it will take to catch. Traveling domestic, I can show up to ticketing 40 minutes before the flight and be at the gate with time to wait. I assume that I could not do that for an international flight. Basically because of the not quite domestic, not quite international aspect of the flight, I want to know if I will need to be to the airport any sooner that I would for a domestic flight. I will be heading to the airport from work and need to know if i can even make the flight. I also assume that the return flight is where I will need to present my documentation, but I do not know. So, in summary, will I be able to catch a 545 flight to STT if I get to ticketing at 5pm, something I have done many times (even at Miami) for domestic. Thank you!

I wouldn’t count on getting on that flight with less than an hour available for document and baggage check.

Not sure how it works in MIA, but here at PHL they want you to arrive two hours before departure for USVI flights.

Glad to hear you’re getting your passport, I use mine even during domestic flights. Saves the hassle of constantly getting my drivers license and DoD photo ID out of my wallet.

Are you traveling on an AA pass (and/or are you an AA or Eagle employee) or are you on an ID90 or Zed?

If you’re on AA pass you can be checked in well before you get to the gate and they probably won’t clear you until like 15 mins before departure anyway. Traveling on a paper ticket like an ID90 or Zed may be harder since you have to check in at the ticketing counter.

thanks for the input. It ended up not mattering as weather caused cancellations and delays in Orlando, delaying my companion. Ended up going the next morning and had an amazing vacation. Also, there was no hassle with being cleared for anything in MIA, and going out of STT was a breeze even with just a drivers license.