Can I fly within USA w/foreign passport?


I know valid form of identification is required to board an airplane. However, I am not a US citizen (although my fiance is). We are hoping to travel to California for a short vacation, and I was wondering whether they’ll let me board a domestic flight with a valid foreign passport? If anyone can offer any information I would greatly appreciate it. I have a New York State driver license, but it is expired, and I never got around to renewing it. Thanks a bunch!

PS: I have overstayed my visa. Do you suppose they’ll check the pages of the passport to make sure I still have visa? Or they don’t bother with such things on domestic flights? Again, thanks!


TSA will check the validity of your visa. Whether they’ll inform la migra or not is open to conjecture.


I won’t risk it then. It’s probably best if I wait for my green card to process. Thanks a ton!


Maybe, although I doubt it. The ID “checkers” are not TSA staff (in most places) and few of them do a thorough examination anyway. Most never even look at the photo, just match the name with the BP. Your expired NY DL stands a good chance of “passing” inspection too. :confused:


Then you shouldn’t be in this country. If your visa says you must leave by a certain date, then leave the USA or get your visa extended **before **it expires.


I agree with Dami!!!


You don’t need ID to fly domestically. Tell the check-in agent you don’t have ID, or as in your case it’s expired and you will be given a boarding pass marked SSSS. At the TSA checkpoint you’ll be subject to additional screening which may be a simple pat-down and wanding or something more depending on the whim of the screener. Shouldn’t take more than a minute or so; in fact the “selectee” lane often moves faster than the regular ones 8)

from: … index.shtm

The absence of proper identification will result in additional screening.

Print it out and leave your passport at home.


So, in addition to being in the country illegally, you want him to lie and say his ID has expired. He didn’t say his passport expired, just his visa.


I agree with you 100% damiross!!!

Then you shouldn’t be in this country. If your visa says you must leave by a certain date, then leave the USA or get your visa extended before it expires.


Take a deep breath and read it again. He has an EXPIRED New York driver’s license. :unamused:


Seems like he can’t keep anything current.


I say go for it. While you are lying to the TSA, make fun of their goofy uniforms. Heck, go all out and request seatbelt extenders too.

Funny… these posts are always started by people who joined the forum on the same day. :imp:


Write “Kip Hawley is an Idiot” on a plastic bag containing toiletries, and then hide it in your carry-on :wink:


OP asked a reasonable question in a civil manner. I’m the one who pointed some of the fallacies associated with the ID nonsense, so if you feel the need to froth at someone, I’m right here.


Re read the original post.

I still feel like frothing at the illegal alien who wants to enjoy the privledges of citizenship in my country, including but not limited to taking a domestic vacation involving air travel.

If I didn’t know any better, gordonf238 might be a terrorist seeking information that will help to kill thousands of Americans and a few Canadians and other foreign nationals.


He’s asked this type of question before. LINK

GO HOME OR GET YOUR GREEN CARD. The fact you let your visa expire should be grounds for the to kick you out of here and NEVER let you back. You broke the law, you should be punished.


So did he instantly become a terrist the moment his visa expired ? Perhaps he was a terrist while his visa was still valid ? Perhaps he’s not a terrist at all ?

The information so far is: show a valid ID and you will be searched at the checkpoint, don’t show a valid ID and you will be searched at the checkpoint. Useful.