St. Louis Flight Training


Hey guys! looks like a move is in order sometime in April for me, I am a 100 hour pilot, just read Peter Dogan’s Instrument Flight Training Manual and I’m craving to become Instrument Rated. Ill be Living in Chesterfield, around KSUS area. Does anybody recommend a good place to get my Instrument Rating and beyond? any and all references will be explored and greatly appreciated! thanks! -Toby in Texas- for now


Air Associates of Missouri, if you plan on a 141. They’re at SUS.
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Air Associates has a great flight training program for the area. Other programs around the area might be fairly less expensive, but you get a good product for the money. Spirit offers a lot of approaches in and out of the airport and its a great airport to learn at. I did my private training there although it was not with Air Associates but a company that went bankrupt a couple years ago.


I did my instrument with the same company at ALN a few years before that.


I got my St. Louis based IFR through St. Charles flying service. Charlie Grott was my instructor. Used my plane, no simulator time and got it in exactly 40 hours of hood and actual time.

I recommend SCFS and Charlie.