SR-22 Pilots Family wins lawsuit yet pilot was at fault

I saw this over on Aero-News and just had to post. Apparently if you are brash enough to buy an SR-22 and crash it while flying in iffy conditions without what I would feel is enough flight time then your family can sue the aircraft manufacturer and the school where you got your “intro” training for millions. Not only sue, but WIN! I just can’t imagine a jury is able to understand what really goes on with the nut behind the yoke. I’ve raced cars for more than 20 years and done some stupid stuff, but I am in control and know that I have a good chance of pulling off whatever move I’m trying to make. Put me in a plane however and I am like a old grandma that is so cautious its not funny. The lawyers must be either extremely good or extremely bad. This just flat out scares me about our legal system. The first link is from Aero-News-network and the second is the NTSB report. Opinions?

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