Did you ever feel that aircraft flying to fest?? How many times pilots need to brake the safety rules to be on time!!!Where is the low at this time??

Its called “get there-itis” a highly frowned upon, unsafe attitude. Most pilots gladly take the few minute delay than risk the entire flight.

Come fly Air ambulance and you’ll change your opinion on that statement

Thats a special exception to the rule and im sure you would admit that. When ONE persons life depends getting there as fast as possible you’re more likely too take that risk, VS. an entire plane filled with people who’s lives depend on making the most responsible decision available to you.

Are you guys sure that’s even what he’s talking about?? I thought he was asking if anyone felt the aircraft flying to eat and/or possibly party and where you could “get low” this time. Nothing about wanting to get home quickly, but maybe that’s just how I deciphered it…

It sure is terribly gramatically incorrect.

Probably I should explain that more clearly- as I am Polish by the way my English can be hard to understand.
Last time I flu from KTC to CRK in Airbus A320. During the all fly I had a feeling that aircraft is “Speeding”,you could really feel that plain fly fester as Is allowed and disagne to.

Well now i feel bad :frowning:

Well Mr.Ejericson don’t worry can happen to everyone. Did you understand now wont I mean by “Speeding”?? I’m only making first steps in aviation- the more technical site. Help much appreciated

While I can’t answer for the jet jockies, in my single engine plane, there is no way that I can fly faster then it’s designed to in a straight and level flight even when I have my throttle full forward. What made you think it was flying faster then it was designed for? Did you hear unusual noises?

If you were looking out the window and saw the ground go by faster, there is a good chance you had a tail wind which will give you that speeding feeling but you can be rest assured that ground speed does not affect the aircraft performance.

During the fly I notice very strange noise inside the cabin. It was more likely sound coming from windows at the emergency exit - wings. In general I flu more last every two month and I never notice on A 320 such strange feeling.

I can maybe help

A lot of times the flight is designed for best economy vs time. There is some give on the front end. Sometimes when you are late, they will take and add some throttle using more gas but that will allow you to get there as close to the original gate time in a manner that is as safe as possible.

Mind you this happens more on Short flights than longer as they have the fuel for exceeding the economy cruise. Longer flights they pretty much must stay at a the planned route as they are on the long range economy cruise already and need it.

Victor131, there’s really no such thing as “too fast” in a transport aircraft. If the aircraft exceeds the maximum approved speed, all sorts of alarms start going off. You may hear odd airflow noises in the cabin, but rest assured that on a commercial airline flight, you are not flying “too fast”.

Bottom line, it’s annoying to fly too fast.

Even in these days of high fuel prices, most airlines still have directives to fly the “best ride” concerning speed, and a lower, less efficient altitude. Could be your proximity to the emergency exit, which tends to have more “pressure leaks” than a regular fixed window which is glued (PRC’ed) in as opposed to having a silicone door seal, which, while sufficiently maintaining cabin pressure, is inherently less “tight” than a normal window.

Hope this helps alleviate your fears.

Uhhhhh, what? I’ll give you the fact that the airlines don’t fly the thing right up to the barber pole, but “a lower, less efficient altitude”? What would be the benefit of flying lower? Unless there is turbulence to be avoided, we go as high as is reasonable for the route depending on weight, known ATC issues, etc… Higher is (generally speaking) quieter, faster, and burns less fuel.


Uhhhh, that’s exactly what I said. Wherever the best ride is. A lot of times I’ll be flying along at a high, quiet, efficient altitude, getting my a** kicked because of the jet. Going down a little sometimes helps avoid turbulence, of course I usually find the best ride to be half a flight level higher than the FL I descended to.