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Speaking a new language

I have been with FA for 14 years and a feeder for a long time.
Suddenly FA is speaking a language that I do not understand when I am thinking about upgrading to Ver. 3.7.
I will have to stick with Ver. 3.6 until it quits.

That’s only a version for testing so far.
If you are using an piaware sd-card it will automatically upgrade automatically when the testing is done.

Not sure what you mean with language, could you elaborate?
Feeding UAT is an optional feature and the regular process for installing piaware shouldn’t change at all basically.

That was intended to be funny. I do not speak Linox .


The topic caught my eye because I am in the process of installing UAT out in my airplane!

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In my case it was actually the Raspberry Pi that made me start to learn more Linux. It is fun, actually, but I guess having an airplane will keep you busy anyway :wink: