Spark plug problems, rough running engines

Blog about ongoing problems with spark plugs, and solutions to those problems.

Another reason to buy a diesel. . . :mrgreen:

Not that many diesels to choose from. Seen one on the option list for a Cessna, Beech, Piper, Tarbes, ad infinitum? As a guy with a very old A&P I have to say I have never done a resistance check on a spark plug or even heard of such. Always used the plug checker and they sparked or they didn,t. Even took a tour of the Champion spark plug plant after flying there in the Champion plugs GII and heard nary a word about spark plug resistance. I will definitely send this on to some of my still active A&P buddies. I suspect more than one will plead ignorance to an issue that is apparently not widely published. Yes I know about resistor plugs, but this is not common practice that I am aware of. Over the years I have come to believe that Champion, like Coors light, has spent far more money on their advertising than their product. Fine wires are worth the money. I ran two sets of fine wires to TBO on TSIO 520s, that’s 1600 hours, as opposed to 300 to 400 hours on massive electrodes. Lot’s less money and no plug problems.

AMEN, from another A&P I/A

an update on defective spark plugs is up on the Platinum Aviation Blog: