Space Shuttle Endeavour Night launch STS-126

Last night time launch of the space shuttle ever! I made it to Titusville, FL about 4 hrs drive for me, which is not too bad. The viewing spot is about 13 miles ( 20 kilometers) away from the launchpad:

5 PM is when i set my tripod with the shuttle complex way out in the diatance

This is the assembly building

After sunset searchlights come on

Same search lights with slightly better white balance on the camera

The moon rose above the horizon with irregular shape due to haze

I thought a lot about what camera settings to use for the launch. This is at 200mm, f2.8, ISO 400 and EV exposed compensation to -4. At 7:55 pm we have ignition!

past the moon:

Set my EV compensation to -1 now which made it a lot brighter

Finally set a new lens to 18 mm to catch this scene

What an amazing sight! I also took a video from a separate tripod nearby. I will post that separately

Ivan Cholakov

Nice shots.

I’m pretty sure there will be another. STS-128 through STS-133 still haven’t been scheduled and the chance for delays is always possible.

Great photos.

Wow, all great pics but really like the last one.

Great job!