Southwest's outrageous new plan to cut costs!


Full story here

Quite outrageous. I think its a good business model personally.


Only if the shuttles are hybrids!


But think of the scenery!


This is a very serious flight tracking website. There is no room for your silly antics here! :smiling_imp:


Heck, if you book an Air France flight Ottawa to Paris your reservation looks like this:


So you take a bus from a rail station? Trains get no respect anymore do they?

Wazz, my humblest apologies. :laughing:


Now this is just stupid. Actually, a *nice *thing for revenue they could do in the future is sell aisles, where people stand in the aisle the whole flight. No bathroom breaks for anyone. No service (not that this is any change). Nothing. :unamused: :unamused: :astonished: