Air Transat Nursery in the Skies


Just returned from flying from Toronto to Cancun and return. Both ways the flights were packed full of families with babies. It was a real romper room daycare in the skies. Not for one moment the entire flights was there was not at least 3+ babies screaming non stop. It made for really terrible flights. For about the last 30 minutes of the flight into Toronto there was a chorus of at least 7-10 wailing babies screaming and crying and just plain freaking out. My big peeve is that parents were changing diapers on seats, in the aisle and just rolling used diapers under the seats! Across the aisle from me on final decent a father stood in the aisle and changed his baby’s loaded diaper by standing the kid up on the seat and just wiped away! It was so gross and the smell was just nasty plus it was a safety violation! I noticed the airline did have changing tables in the lavs so I am not sure why parents did not use these. Has anyone had a similar flight like this? This combined with terrible seat pitch, rude flight attendants, delays both ways makes me not want to fly Transat soon again!


Sorry for your rough experience. What airline was this? Either way, you should contact the airline about this, and at least tell them about this. Changing diapers in the seats and aisles. I wouldn’t think the FA’s would allow that. I know I hate screaming kids in the planes. :imp:


I have 2 things to say about this:

  1. I had the good fortune of handling Air Transat flights to FL, and yes all the inconsiderate people who stick diapers everywhere but the lav do suck…but I had the pleasure of seeing this on US carriers as well. :imp:

  2. As for the screaming kids, think about this…when you land and t/o your ears sometimes pop and for a baby who has no other way then crying to let you know they are in pain. I guess we the flying public are just s$%& out of luck.


Air Transat, according to the subject line.

The post should have mentioned that rather than just depend on the subject line for the airline name.


Not only do kids suck but inconsiderate hillbilly arsehole “parents” like that should be shot. I would have yelled at them (not the wailers but diaper changers) but then again, I’m a bit crazy.


Just because I am curious where in Canada are you from?


It is mentioned at the end of the post. :slight_smile:


Please accept my apology - I didn’t see that portion.


We are purposely scheduling a flight at 9PM wiht hopes our 19 month old will be sleeping during most of the flight. I am a parent who will take her out of a restuarant if she starts wailing and nothing will calm her down. Unfortunatly, there is no where to go during flight, but we bring the laptop for movies and stuff, try to keep her occupied. The diaper changing you described is ridiculous however!



Question for you. I assume that you have traveled with your baby before. I assume there is reasonable space to change a toddler’s diaper using the lav changing table? There is not a lot of space but I assume it’s workable?


We flew PBI-EWR during christmas time, She was exactly 1 yrs old. I’m lucky, my wife changed all the diapers. It was a pain in the #*& for her, but yes, it is doable. and OK, if there is an aisle open, then put your changing pad down on the seat and change her, but throw the thing away, not on the floor.

As for behavior, she was cranky on the flight home, but I made every effort to soothe her, held her back in galley area, movies. maybe some pax were inconvenienced a little, but I was making an effort and they appriciate that. Its the parents that just ignore the problem and don’t think it is bothering anyone else that i don’t like (like in a restuarant)


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