Does Southwest have any Major Hub Airports like the big airlines do? I’ve flown SWA once to SAN and from MDW we stopped at KMCI, KPDX, and finally KSAN. It seems they fly randomly and fly routes with big competition with the big airlines. On the way back we went KSAN, KLAS, KTUL, and finally KMDW. I look up flights from SWA from time to time and i see Orlando-KPIT, KOAK-KTUL, and KPIT-KPDX. I know they have a huge operation at KMDW and there is a huge presence at Love and Hobby. I forgot which is home base for SWA.

In an attempt to save you from dami (who has been getting nicer about it. Must be the g/f), search for Southwest Hub in the search feature. You will find numerous posts by “Mr. Southwest” himself (dami) stating that SWA does not have hubs. They do not use the “hub and spoke” system.

My bad, i was bored and wanted to talk about something. I go through periods of not putting posts up and then all of a sudden i get things in my head and want to talk about them. I must of missed this topic if it ws discussed in the past

Nah, you didn’t miss an entire topic devoted to it. I think dami has it saved to automatically be posted anytime someone breathes “Southwest” and “hub” in the same sentence.

American Airlines’ Past Hub is a good place to go to.

Now, repeat after me:
Southwest is hubless. Southwest does not have hubs. Southwest is a network airline. Southwest flies point-to-point flights. Southwest does not fly hub-and-spoke flights.

I feel better now.

Check out SWA’s interactive route map:

Pretty slick…


They are also a network airline :wink:

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I don’t think they are making any new shows.

The Top three locations for transferring for KSMF SWA Customers are


Is there a technical difference (other than what the airline wants to call it) between a focus city and a hub? Surely someone out there can open my eyes. 8)

ssomer, Free LUV and get KDAL into your top three!

Look at Southwest’s Daily Departure statistics and look at Airtran’s Daily Departure statistics. It should be plain to see why Airtran’s focus city at the top of its daily departure report is considered a hub. Southwest’s Top 10 overall are relatively close to each other in the number of daily departures thus they (Southwest) can claim that they don’t hub.

Southwest is clearly not interested in driving up Love’s flights substantally.
Unless you can convince the owners of the Legend terminal to hand it over to Southwest. The agreement calls for Dallas to seize it (enimant domain) and raze it. With 32 gates they could, but they are capping themselves to 20.

I agree that Southwest is not going to add a substantial number of flights to its KDAL departure list. It would be politically unwise. But they can add many, many new destinations as they add ‘hops’ onto flights that now have to end in neighboring states to Texas (plus MO). Thus flights to KMDW, KSAN, and KMHT can be scheduled and not add to the number of departures.

As to the terminal eminent domain situation, there is no Congressional agreement on modifying the Wright agreement yet, so who can predict the outcome of that situation?

If Congress fails to pass the agreement before the ball drops on Time Square (on Dec 31st) per the terms of the agreement the agreement dies.

Okay, but that’s kinda like having several smaller hubs. I’m not trying to nit-pick; I just wonder if there is a difference besides just the size of WN’s several smaller hub-type ops compared to an airline like Delta who chooses to use just a few larger “true” hubs. If I fly on WN out of KCLE, I have a stop in either BWI, MDW, or BNA. That’s not much different than flying, say, United, and having to stop in either ORD, IAD, or DEN. I understand that there’s no real difference to pax; I’m just wondering what the technical differences are. I can tell you that my Chevy Suburban is different than your Tahoe, but other than the added size, they’re the same exact truck with the same options, colors, engine choices, etc. I prefer to call a spade a spade, that’s all.