America West


Does America West have a main hub? I’m not to familiar with the airline so I really don’t know.




Aw thank you! And a quick answer NICE.


and LAS


Seeing as how they’ve merged w/ USAirways, you’d have to include KCLT, KPHL, and to a lesser extent KPIT as well. :wink:


Yes, but the question was where is their “main” hub, which is KPHX as Dan wrote.

That’s where their training center, simulators, dispatchers, etc., etc. are.

I’ve got a good friend who’s a senior pilot with them. Poor baby’s stuck on the PHNL run and just loves emailing me while lying on the beach in front of his hotel, chock full of descriptions of the gorgeous weather and surroundings.

He takes particular delight in doing this when it’s snowing here.