Southwest suspends select long-haul seat sales.

Quoting a piece on PlaneBuzz that quotes Lehman Brothers analyst Gary Chase and confirmed by checking

Southwest has suspends seat sales (not the flights) on the following flights.

Beginning with flights on Oct 4th the following flights have had seat sales suspended:

Oakland to Philadelphia’s only non-stop
Philadelphia to Oakland’s only non-stop
Oakland to Baltimore’s only non-stop
Baltimore to Oakland’s only non-stop
Both of Southwest’s Los Angeles to Philadelphia non-stops
Both of Southwest’s Philadelphia to Los Angeles non-stops
Both of Southwest’s Los Angeles to Baltimore non-stops
Both of Southwest’s Baltimore to Los Angeles non-stops.

It is possible that flights that link these legs, have also been suspended as well.

If you had a confirmed reservation on the above outlined flights
Southwest has either contacted you or will contact you regarding
reaccomdating you including refunding non-refundable fare classes.

Because the feds have a stupid segment fee tax, will Southwest be absorbing that tax when transferring you from a nonstop flight to a non-nonstop flight?

Expect some additional cutbacks possible by SWA in the months to come. The fuel hedges they had in place for years are coming to a close and they are realizing just how expensive fuel is these days. As a result, a slowdown in expansion is planned and some cutbacks in flying are likely.

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