Southwest issues apology and fare sale


During the 3 PM Central Time hour today, Southwest issued an apology to Kyla Ebbert and is also having a nationwide fare sale in response.
Until Sept 24th at Midnight CDT.

Southwest has also opened the thread on their blog “Wrapping Up The Skirt Issue” … kirt-issue

Fare Sale Details:
$49-109 on Tu, We and Sat

$54-179 on other days.

for 14 days advance travel between Sept 28th and Nov 15th.


Just saved myself $120 on this fare sale for a flight between OAK and HOU in November!


Something crazy about their fares.

I bought a ticket from KJAN to KPIT that routes through BWI for a measly $160 roundtrip, which is about 1/2 the normal fare I paid in the past.

I wanted to buy a ticket from KJAN to KBWI expecting the same price. NOPE, it cost almost 1/3 more 238 or so roundtrip for the very same flights from BWI to JAN! Same time, same flight numbers.

I did this to entertain myself by picking the same day of travel

Sooo, never done this, and really have no plan to go to Baltimore in the time frame the sale is going on, I wonder what happens if I just got off the plane at BWI and not use the BWI to PIT leg in each direction.


Just make sure you don’t check any bags.
They also won’t let you back on in BWI for the return flight.


Most airlines would cancel the rest of your itien when hen you no-show for the KBWI-KPIT flight. I’m not sure about Southwest.


Heh heh, very good point!

Just strange considering it was the same exact flights for the two itineraries but I guess the fare decision makers have some sort of wierd sense of balancing the check book.

I can understand the difference on facility charges, but this isn’t even close.

And speaking of facility charges, using the same itinerary for KJAN to KPIT round trip, different flights yield different charges for facility charges, which I didn’t get. It wasn’t a wallet buster or deal breaker since it was only $3, but something was amiss, unless we pay TSA’s overtime hours?

Thanks Mark for also reminding me of some airlines cancelling the rest of the itinerary. That comes back to my memory banks once you said that :smiley:



Good news! Southwest, always customer-oriented, the recent misunderstanding not withstanding, allows you to use hidden city or back-to-back fares. See page five of Customer Service Commitment.

As implied in the document, this is best done without checked luggage.


Looks like you (damiross) will get a chance to tell us how
the newly modified boarding procedure working for you.

Are you on the 10:55 or the 3:20?


Uh, I was just using that as an example. My next flight on SWA isn’t until 2-4 Nov OAK-HOU-OAK. I’m hoping the new system will be in place at at least one of those two airports that weekend. Will let everyone know how it goes.


He could just buy 2 one-way fares. On Southwest they should add up to the cost of a R/T because they do not jack up one-way fares like most airlines.


But in my scenario, the one way ticket would take me to KPIT, which was significantly cheaper then BWI. 80 one way to KPIT (JAN-BWI-PIT) where as a one way ticket was ~125 for the very same seat from JAN-BWI on the very same flight that carried on to PIT.