Southwest flights from ORF to LAS going North

Can anyone tell me why, in the last few days, flights out of Norfolk, VA to Las Vegas have been taking such Northern track?
The new track adds thirty to forty five minutes to the flight time so I would assume there are navigation issues in the midwest since it doesn’t appear to be weather related.
WN1031 on 2-18-09 went way up there.

Maybe more favorable winds up there, actual flight time wasn’t bad at all 5:11m compared to 5:36 on the 12th with a more direct route.

It is weather related. Other flights between the ORF area to the west went north also today (18 Feb)
Look at SWA1031 ORF-LAS, AWE1436 CLT-LAX, SWA1127 RDU-LAS, among others.


It’s because of wind. The jetstream core has running from so. cal across the lower 1/3 of the conus all week.

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