Southwest 716 Today

Any ideas what may have happened here?
2 go-arounds after getting down to 600’ and typical approach speed. Clouds were 900’ at the time, minimums are 660 I believe… Everybody else was making it in to 27 no problem…except this one. after 2 tries, they go to Ontario. … /KSFO/KSAN

KSAN 292213Z 25009G19KT 5SM -RA BR BKN009 OVC014 15/13 A2976 AO2 CIG 006V010 P0001

Kinda funny that the page said the flight landed KSAN 50 minutes ago, yet is on final to KONT. (as of this post)…I’m wondering if it wasn’t some gear problem

High minimums captain? I saw the same thing happen with AA at MSY a couple years ago. It was a little foggy but everybody made it in on the first try except this AA maddog. He went around and tried it again and missed the approach again, then he flew it all the way back to DFW.