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Southwest will lease 36 slots at EWR from COA in order to operated 18 roundtrips a day to 3 unnamed destinations.

Let’s make it easier, as the WSJ loves to tease you, then charge you. … nternation


Thanks. I had checked the Southwest blog but it wasn’t posted at the time.


Knowing Southwest, the 3 unnamed destinations would probably be BWI, MDW… and the 3rd one might be PHX/LAS, or somewhere in Florida.

You mean their hu…I mean focus cities. We all know SW doesn’t have hubs.

I agree with BWI and MDW because they are among the largest stations for Southwest. Florida? Not quite sure they’d go there due the competition. My guess would be either PHX or LAS as mentioned above or possibly BNA or HOU.

Maybe not MDW and BWI.

After all, they fly to both of them from LGA and by all accounts are struggling there (New York-BWI is a shrinking market and was already under intense fare pressure, WN isn’t schedule competitive with UA, AA, and DL on LGA-CHI). I’m inclined to believe they’ll use their EWR slots to fly places they can’t from LGA - namely LAS, PHX, and California (LAX or OAK are my guesses). HOU, MCI, or STL could be potentials as well (although these are within the LGA perimeter - they have no more slots to expand there).

Another darkhouse in the Newark discussion is Southwest’s “fastest growing station” Denver. They can’t fly it from LGA during the week per federal law and perimeter restriction.