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Somebody keeps moving me!

Someone (not me) keeps moving my primary site (Scylla, 3117) to (51.9760665893555, 1.37099301815033)
– and I keep moving it back to the vicinity of 37,-122 where it bloody well belongs.

Makes for an interesting range display, with a lot of hits in one spot reporting well outside 200 km!

But I’d rather it stick close to home…

I update the position to what it should be. Page shows “updated” in red – but the map at the top of the page still shows a location in the UK! And the list of nearby ADS-B sites shows all these folks in the vicinity of EG something or other. I’m glad to see, I think, that there’s another user seemingly in the same boat, showing his nearest airport code of KSKA (my nearest airport is KNUQ).

Next time I refresh the page – wham! I’m back in the UK! I don’t want to be in the UK! I lived in London for two and a half years, and it was interesting, but I like the Left Coast and Silicon Valley better! Really!

It happened again!*** Stop that!*** How do I keep me where I’m supposed to be rather than on the East Coast of the U.K?

I can’t take much more of this – I need to go off and drink.

bob k6rtm

I hope they return the micrometer when they’re finished!


7 digits after the decimal is good enough for me – and I run a GPS-locked time and frequency reference (stratum 1, rubidium).

I much prefer it sticking to the neighborhood, and not wandering off! But the range plot is interesting…

Thanks again for your great software! As soon as I get some free time (spending a lot of time stamping out flaming ducks), I’m going to try segmented coverage.

bob k6rtm

Welcome to the UK - would you like to take part in the MLAT trial … you’re right in the centre !!! of the test cover zone :slight_smile:

(FA can lock the position, but it’s something they have to do - and sometimes it unlocks again)