So now the TSA thinks photographers are terrorists...


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(says it all.)

Carlos Miller, via Gizmodo.





I will say, we do have to be alert to suspicious people loitering on or around airports. Looking at that photo, is that an airplane buff out planespotting, or someone doing some research ahead of doing something bad? We do not ban planespotting, but we are aware of it, and will question someone we do not know.


Questioning isn’t a bad thing… but they are implying to the general public that someone who planespots is a terrorist, and to report them. Pretty much, guilty until proven innocent.

I would surely hate it if I’m at the spotting area at KLAS during a windy day (like yesterday), and didn’t want dust blowing into my eyes while I’m taking a shot of an Illinois One or Florida One, only to be accosted by TSA and airport officials because some clueless, blissfully naive Joe Public traveler thinks that I’m going to terrorize travelers, because aviation and planespotting is a hobby of mine.

We shouldn’t have to prove ourselves innocent when they haven’t seen anything to report us guilty of doing.



This is a bunch of BULL CRAP!!!

I’m gonna tape little toy stingers to the side of my camera next time I go to the airport. :laughing:


If you watched the video that is included in this campaign, the scenario was about ensuring the gate closes to prevent unwanted guests from entering. It just happens that the “guest” in that scenario has a camera. They also included scenarios on suspicious students (don’t want to learn to land?) and people snooping around corporate aircraft.


Thats the impression I got when I saw that! plus it actually made me sick!
It’s already hard enough to deal with KSAT airport police with their made up rules and loose interpations of actual laws!

It will be interesting now that a public sidewalk is being constructed in front of Landmark aviation along the perimeter fence, an area that has been off limits… might have to contact a civil rights attorney :smiling_imp:

Edit, Daveysims can you post a link to that video? what a coincedence the guest has a camera.


If you have nothing to hide why not answer a few questions, show some ID and be done with it. (spare me the loss of liberty speaches)


If thats all that happened, I’d be happy to do it! but everytime they write a report or run my DL#, that stays there on database, so now I am a 'PIP’
a Person of Interest to Police, had a city officer show me on his computer after he commented Do you get pulled over a lot? Not to mention threats of possible arrest.


someone scouting an aiport as a terrorist wouldn’t make it so obvious.


you don’t deserve liberty if you condone this crap. last time i checked there was no need for citizens to show their papers if they weren’t doing anything wrong. taking pictures at an airport is not wrong. some airports actually encourage it by having dedicated spotting areas.


Spotting areas are fine, but fence hanging is weird to me. I just don’t think it’s a big deal to have to show some ID if you want to hang around an airport fence. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. What about approaching security and just telling them, “Hi, I’m Jack Toff, would you mind if I snap a few shots over by the fence”…an ounce of prevention.

Another thing, these pictures end up on the interwebs without the permission of the aircraft owners in most cases. The owners name is often associated with the photo, compromising their security. What about their right to privacy? These so called photographers get mighty touchy when someone reposts their “art”, but did they ask the owners of the planes if it was ok to display pictures of them?


Some of my better pictures of aircraft have been taken through or over a fence.

legally you cannot expect privacy in a public place. Pictures can be taken at will of anybody or anything. It’s not always wise such as taking a picture of a big dude who doesnt want his picture taken. … ights.html … tographers

and for our friends across the pond … ur-rights/


Don’t clutter up this thread with common sense. This is the Great Security Cult we’re dealing with here :unamused: .


Should be more worried about the Infamous EL GUAPO


Okay. I’ll spare you it. I’ll just leave it up to one of the US’ founding fathers:

“Those who sacrifice freedom and liberty for safety deserve neither.” -Ben Franklin, 1st U.S. Postmaster General



Big scrafice… :unamused:


Not always true. It is a common misconception that previous terrorists were some type of highly trained professional. They might have access to money and resources, but many are not that smart. Even the 9/11 attackers had already raised suspicions by many, just they didn’t get stopped in time. That is what this new TSA campaign is about, to be alert for anything that seems out of the ordinary, anyone acting suspicious.


Like being at an airport with a camera you mean ?
The TSA doesn’t have a clue about combatting terrorism, only those of limited intellect would give their pronouncements any credence.

I must have missed the bit where they were found sticking 300mm lenses through the fence.


Believe me, I don’t always agree with the TSA, but as I have said, the campaign is about being alert to your surroundings, with watching for suspicious people hanging around the airport that maybe don’t belong. There is a two minute video that has several scenarios. The image of the photographer was taken from a scenario involving ensuring the gate closes behind you, notice the guy is standing right next to the gate. It does not say to ban cameras or anything of the sort. You are honestly taking the ad out of context.

And some of the clues about the 9/11 hijackers, they received flight training, but were not concerned about landing, they were seen one week earlier on a dry run, and one was even bragging to some co workers that he was going to do something. Just think if someone had picked up on that before the attack happened. That is all the campaign is about, if you see something odd, question it. Don’t just ignore it. Whether you like it or not, aviation is a target, and airport security is here to stay. Sorry if it inconveniences you while taking a picture.