Skywest flight numbers


…seem to be confusing FA (and yes, DR I did look at the FAQs).
SKW4076 is correctly showing “Sky West” in the alt= popup, but SKW73H gives “Unkown operator”. Must be the H suffix, but SKW use this format a lot, as do many European airlines (should that ever become relevant).


I’ve noticed that all flights that have the in the format you mentioned are shown as unknown operator. It’s evidently either a bug or a shortcoming in the software that, when the software sees a three letter code it expects only digits to follow.

Please make nice and use the subject line for the subject only and not the beginning of the sentence. I thank you and all nice people thank you also.


Apologies. I thought your attention span would be able to handle that. Clearly, I was mistaken.


No, you weren’t mistaken, just rude. I saw the subject line.

You did it wrong, anyway. If you are going to insist on starting your first sentence of your posting, you should have placed ellipses (…) after the last word in the subject line to indicate that the sentence is continued elsewhere then start the first line in the body of the posting with ellipses to indicate that it is a continued sentence.

Would you write a business letter like this:

From address
To address

Re: A sentence should

Dear Mr. Know-it-all.
…never begin in the subject line and end in the body of the letter.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Not Nice.

It’s no different here. A subject line tells what the posting is about. Plain common courtesy says to start a posting with a complete sentence.

There seems to be approximately 3.5 people per 1,000 Internet users that know anything about netiquette (that’s etiquette on the Internet in case you don’t know).


“ManLaw”, dami, “ManLaw”.


What meaneth this “ManLaw”?


Advertising gimmick.


And quite a few others who don’t give a ****.
But please do continue to point out my transgressions, it’s really appreciated. No, really :unamused:


Don’t worry, he was going to anyway.


It’s what makes dami “special”


Ah, gee, Pika, you’re making me blush. :blush: (That’s my emoticon for the day, folks.)


Yeah, like OCD or schizophrenia!


A gimmick? True, it is. However, it is a memorable series of commercials for Miller Beer. Funny for the first few times you see each ad.


Dami, watch a few of the commercials at