Skyservice suspends operations … z0jlXPiH78

Didn’t see this one coming much… though with Signature Vacations and Sunquest Vacations recently starting business with Sunwing, trouble was on the horizon for someone… they’ve been around for nearly 25 years, so it’s sad to see SSV go.


They sent six aircraft back to the UK, leaving a fleet of 4 A4320’s and 6 B757’s returning home to YYZ for the last time.

Airbus A320’s C-FRAA, C-GTDG, C-GTDH, C-GTDP and B757’s C-FLEU, C-FLOX, C-GYMH all parked at YYZ with snow plows parked against the nose’s so they can’t be moved.

B757’s C-FOBH, C-GTBB, C-GTSJ still out on flights.



C-GTBB B757 flew back to UK


C-GTBB B757 flew back to UK

yeah no kiddin, can’t say I really knew too much about em, but the things I had heard were good. They first caught my attention with their TWA colors in the late 90’s the red gold and blue.