Skymap timezone



I’ve been running a PiAware sytem in UK for around a year now.

On holiday in California, took my Pi with me (sad I know). Set it all up, changed location, changed timezone on Pi but skymap still switches date for logging purposes 8 hours early.

What else do I need to alter?



Time are sent in UTC and are displayed in Skyview in local time.

The web browser usually know how far ahead or behind UTC time you are. It get this information from your OS system settings. Try to check your OS setting for location or the clock time zone setting.

You can also try to view the SkyView map on another computer.


My apologies, I have explained this wrongly.

Skyview is showing the correct Pacific time. What appears to be happening is My-ADSB is changing date 7 hours early, as though I am still in UK.

My PiAware is showing correct time. I have changed timezone to Pacific time but statistics on My-ADSB change at UTC

Of course I do not realise this until around midnight UTC

Geoff Lane


Oh… I think I see what you mean. The original data is always stored in UTC time at FlightAware. This is a display problem.

The graphs on the my-ADSB page should be showing whatever conversion for the site’s local time zone. In this case the graphs are in PDT time. It looks like the current time is correct on your my-ADSB stats page with my web browser.

Can you post a screen shot with the problem Or email it to


Link to screenshot attached.


This was taken at 21:14 Pacific Time on 20 March and as you can see 21 March already showing on graph.

It is not a major issue but am curious as to problem as I think all settings changed correctly.



Isn’t that correct? When it is 21:14 Pacific Time on March 20 it is already 0414 March 21 UTC.

The daily stats are updated at 0000 UTC.

I’m in Australia and we are ahead of UTC so my stats update at 10 AM which is 0000 UTC.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek I would suggest you have been living on the Prime Meridian too long and have missed out on the joys of time zones. :grinning:



Folks, looks like I need to offer humble apologies.

Appreciate on the FA pages it says data stored as UTC times, I was naively thinking the browser would adjust this on the graphs.

Suppose I take it for granted living in UK sand being on UTC (we call it GMT).

Thanks for clarifying though.

Geoff Lane