Can ADSB/mlat statistics change



As of late my daily aircraft tally is around 2000 I am naturally quite interested as to whether each day I will break to 2000 or, as a few days back, fail with 1999 :slight_smile:

As I have no way of checking this I’m just wondering if the data submitted by the Raspberry Pi can be adjusted, reason I ask is that on Saturday 30 June I checked my webpage data and at 23:50 it showed 2005 aircraft, on checking my page on 1 July it shows 1916.

Only noticed as so close to 2000, anyone else noticed anything similar?



Hi send2gl
I also see a difference in the data settled around midnight are you aware of the time zone some parts of stat page some are bst and others utc

from status page:
NOTE: Hourly data is reported in the site’s local time. Daily data is reported in UTC time.
Might this be where the confusion is


I was wondering that, I am in the UK and Pi showing correct British Summer Time which I think is one hour ahead of UTC.

This did show itself when visiting California and my daily stats used to change at 4pm Californian time as that represented midnight UTC at that point.

As mentioned in post beings so close to 2000 has made me monitor figures often close to midnight.