Singapore Airlnes Auction


Seeing the banner on the top of the screen for the past two days (bet they paid a pretty penny to have exclusivity for a while) got me thinking. How much would you be willing to put on this auction for 2 business class seats for this flight? When I looked, 2 business seats were about $10k - $11,500 on the auction site, 2 “suites” were going for about $20k. There is a new part of the auction that has a starting bid of $380k with this:

Fly into the future of air travel. The opportunity to be the FIRST to experience the ultra-premium Singapore Airlines Suites onboard the amazing new Airbus A380 is finally here and is exclusively yours.

A class beyond First, the new Singapore Airlines Suites promises a premium travel experience like never before.

You will be the FIRST to win the bid for the new Singapore Airlines Suites. You will receive the FIRST two (02) tickets for travel in Singapore Airlines Suites on the historic world’s FIRST A380 commercial flight. Rediscover the romance of travel and be the first in the world to experience the pinnacle of premium air travel

As the buyer of this ULTIMATE package, you will receive a host of other VIP inclusions, as a package, which will be only available to you as the FIRST customers on the FIRST A380 flight:

Your choice of Suites
Two (02) Complimentary First Class* round trip tickets to Singapore to complete your journey
Two (02) certificates to confirm you and your travelling companion are the first commercial passengers on the A380, personally presented to you both by your Captain
BMW 7 Series limousine transfers to and from your First A380 Flight in Singapore and Sydney on the day of your flight for you and your travelling companion
Personalised assistance throughout the pre-flight process
An invite to the breakfast send-off party of the worlds first A380 commercial flight
An exclusive inflight experience, including inflight dining options specially designed and presented inflight by Master Chefs of the Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel, Matt Moran and Sam Leong
Two (02) commemorative premium goodie bags
Two (02) nights complimentary accommodation in Singapore**
Complimentary dinner for two (02) in Singapore on the night before the flight at My Humble House, Sam Leongs award-winning restaurant
One (01) night complimentary accommodation in Sydney when you arrive
Invites to the Singapore Airlines A380 welcome function in Sydney
Complimentary lunch for two (02) in Sydney the next day at Aria, Matt Morans award-winning restaurant, adjacent to Sydneys stunning Harbour Bridge and Opera House
You and your travelling companion will join Singapore Airlines as guests for the historical delivery of the first A380 by Airbus, at their headquarters in Toulouse, France, on Monday 15 October 2007. Travel will be provided by Singapore Airlines from your nearest Singapore Airlines gateway to Toulouse, France, with two (02) nights accommodation in Toulouse, and special admission to an event that will only occur once: the first ever delivery of the A380, at Airbus’ brand new delivery centre
One (01) limited edition 1:100 A380 model in Singapore Airlines livery (a professionally produced model measuring 2m x 2m)
The knowledge that your personal contribution to the charitable causes supported by this First Flight auction will make a real and substantial difference

This ULTIMATE package is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will never again be offered and this is your only chance to be a part of this extraordinary experience. Buy It Now, and mark your place in history by being in a class above all others.

Is it worth that much?


In a word, NO!
Maybe if I had 50 million dollars, I might THINK about it. I would likely do it if I had 100 million dollars. Being a man of limited means, if I had $380k lying around, I’d rather spend it on my own airplane.


Why not just give the money directly to the charity? In an ideal world, everyone would give without getting something in return except the good feeling of giving.

In answer to the question, I agree with Needlenose, although my limit would be more like $10 million rather than $50.

(Yes, I will admit I am guilty of giving to charity while getting something material in return).


But think of the goodie bag!

Also want to echo Dami’s promotion of intrinsic giving.

Also think they missed the two magic words that would make most of us desire the package:



I think the “limited edition 1:100 A380 model in Singapore Airlines livery (a professionally produced model measuring 2m x 2m)” would be pretty frickin’ cool! I think they got the measurments wrong though - 2 meters by 2 meters? That’s like 6 feet by 6 feet! The real plane’s length is 239 feet. Divide that by 100 and you get 2.4 FEET - NOT meters.

Don’t ya mean LEFT SEAT? Well, okay - maybe we’d settle for a couple hours of sim time…?


I’m a no-bid on this. If you want to do something amazing along these lines, there are companies who offer small group (very small) 757 tours (2-4 weeks long) with expert guides, first+ class everything and private access to amazing sites. I’ve seen several of these offered and they cost less than the bid prices for the 380 trip.

#7 … ric_flight


Its all supply and demand. Maybe our next prez will request an A380 to become AF1. We would all get a better look at it!!!


That’s just completely unAmerican!


That’s just completely unAmerican!

We help every other country out


If you were the president of the US, you would support your OWN economy, not someone else’s. Plus his critics would rip him/her apart on not going with Boeing.


Maybe our next prez will request an A380

Your right. Im all caught up in that dang 380. Was dumb to suggest! As far as the auction goes, most of those passengers look at spending that amount of money like I look at spending 198.00 to go roundtrip PBI-JFK on jetblue.