Silver shiny object in clouds above LAX yesterday afternoon

Hi folks! Do let me know if I should be posting this in another forum. I wanted to post to Reddit as someone here will likely be able to tell me what the heck I saw.

Flying into LAX yesterday afternoon at 230 pm (ish) I saw a shiny silver orb with an extension off the bottom of it in the cloud layer as we were coming down for a landing. We approached from the west coming in from over the sea. What I saw was south of the plane and was just hanging there in between two clouds. Visible, silver, round and very shiny. I had something hanging/extended or attached closely to the bottom of it. Not dangling too low or anything. The object was stationary and did not move. I saw it so quickly that I did not take a pic and I was quite puzzled by it. It could have potentially been dangerous as well had the plane hit it in the cloud cover or had it gone into the engine.

What the heck was it? Weather balloon? Google balloon? Air traffic beacon? All I can liken it to is like a big beautiful silver bauble earring in the sky with some sort of platform or t-bar on the bottom of it.

Any idea what it was and why it was in the flight path at Xvideos Xnxxone of the busiest airports in the world?

This sounds very much like a weather balloon. They are usually large metallic orbs (the balloon) with a box and/or platform of instruments hanging from them. I don’t personally know any more than that, however.

Weather balloons are not very shiny.
More like white or clear.

On the other hand it might be some other kind of balloon. Like this one used in the past by Google for WiFi connection:

Well,wifi connection is quite difficult with such balloons…Yup it is absolutely possible for detecting weather conditions…But for google and wifi connection i think its quite difficult.