Saw something, not sure what it could have been.


Just a few minutes ago (9-30-02 , 2:28pm), I was out smoking a ciggarette in downtown Charlottesville Va. I caught a glimps of an aircraft of some sort shimmering from the reflection of the sun (Aluminum). It was, i’m guessing’ 15,000 or more feet up, and about 4 miles east of KCHO. It was moving very very slowly in a south westerly direction, and almost appeared to remain stationary at times eventually turning north. It didn’t appear to be a small single engine plane, it was rather large for that altittude. Any guesses on what it could have been?


Guess it depends on what type of cigarette you were smoking.


Ha. Ha. :slight_smile: I thought I would get that response! Could it have been a glider? The only thing is, is that it was very very high up and I am not aware of any glider ranches in the area. Also, it was rather large and silver or aluminum colored. I have never seen a glider that was aluminum colored, just White.


It could have been just about any type of aircraft. It is difficult for people not trained to estimate the height.

IF it was an airliner then it could have been an American Airlines aircraft because their aircraft are almost all silver.

It’s also conceivable that it could have been Southwest’s Silver One..


True enough, However, I gaze at planes all the time… sometimes for hours. Although I may not be able to tell you exactly what kind of plane I am looking at or which airliner, I am very familiar with what I see. But in this case, I have never seen anything like this. That high ( moving above very wispy high altitude clouds) move that slow. To give you an idea… and I know it is not a very technical aproach… if you extended your arm fully in front of you and held your hand open spreading your fingers, the aircraft would have taken nearly 2 minutes to move from the tip of your pinky to the tip of your thumb. That slow! A blimp mabey?