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Signal Strength Heatmap

It seems to me that these two awk commands are creating the heatmap_low and heatmap_high files in in $TMPDIR instead of $wdir.

Plot is then later expecting them in wdir.

awk -v low="$low" -F "," '$4 <= low' $wdir/heatmap > $TMPDIR/heatmap_low
awk -v high="$high" -F "," '$4 >= high' $wdir/heatmap > $TMPDIR/heatmap_high

Will test again …

And working

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Well spotted - the error wasn’t occurring for me because I’m running it on a system with more ram.

OK I’ve uploaded a new version of the script that should fix the empty upintheair file problem and correct the working directory location. Let me know if there’s any more problems.

I’ve also added a check that a HWT id has been entered before the script will run. Should stop people having to wait for all the data processing stuff before they realise.

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Adding some more upintheair rings :slight_smile:


I happen to live too far north for upintheair to work (they cover up to 60 degrees, I live at almost 61 degrees north), is there an easy modification that can be made to the script to make it work?

I’m in Spain until Monday so I can’t really look at it until I get back. You can remove the check at the beginning, and the plots from the gnuplot section as those will cause the script to fail. The rest should still work, but you might get some error messages. Once I’m home I’ll modify it to work around the problem.

Great! I’ll try that.
Have a nice time in spain :slight_smile:

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After some “creative” editing of the script: