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Showing my username not real name publicly?

I see in the account I set up for feeding shows my real name. In the stats page, I can see nearby feeders. and some show a username? (or at least not their real name). Is there a way to choose to not show my real name?

OK, I saw in settings a selection for username & real name vs. username.

I changed that to username.

I refreshed my stats page and it only shows my username. Refreshing someone elses stats page, it also has just username. thanks!

So now… is there a way to contact other users by username?


You may need to refresh your cache for the page. Try Cntrl-F5 (control key and then caress F5 key). this causes the browser to usually reload the full page from the website instead of taking things from the local cache on the computer. Hope it helps

The username is usually used in the discussion board. either send them a personal message using the board functionality or you can use the @ sign in front of the name in a posting.
Then this person is getting notified that his name was mentioned. Works like @babaganoosh