Problems with redesigned ADS-B statistics pages


Interesting way of showing things. Ran across a couple of issues so far. One of them VERY public.

You have a choice of showing either the user name or real name. I had mine set to my user name, which happens to be my amateur call sign. With this upgrade, it was switched from that to my real name. Not really hiding anything as it’s easy to get from one to the other on the web in my case. But, there may be others that really don’t want their real name listed, and had it set to user name, which might not be so publicly identifiable as it is in my case. If someone wanted to “come visit” me based on figuring out my location from my name, there’s the rottweilers, moat, electric fence, and the high RF field around the site. Others may be more concerned about it saying who they really are.

The other problem relates to setting the site location. You can no longer move the pointer from where it’s stuck. You have to manually enter your coordinates.


No, it’s just a display issue where the configure page isn’t picking up the currently stored setting correctly. You can verify the setting wasn’t changed by going to your site page in an incognito session.


I’d go with that idea - and that was my first thought - until I browsed there with IE on a computer that had never been to flightaware before. That’s when I posted this here, and subsequently sent the support email. I changed back to username, on the logged in session - in Firefox - and a while later checked the IE session. It no longer said my name. Now, maybe it’s because I’m new, and recently signed up, and had the display set to full name initially, and maybe you pulled some old configs. But that is just guessing.

Where I first noticed it was in the list of stations nearby. It showed the two I have with my full name. Me thinks “that’s wierd… maybe it’s because I’m logged in”. Let’s try on another computer to see,