show VFR aircraft w/o flt plan


let me explain. they could show VFR planes even without flight plans and show them in a different color (yellow maybe) and not have destination and departure info. and VFR planes with flt plans would have this and be in regular color but with a mark on its info thingy saying VFR/FP meaning its on visual flight rules with a flight plan. VFR planes w/o flt plans could sat VFR/NFP


No they can’t. Read the FAQ’s.


And where do you propose they get this information from? No flight plan means they are not being followed.


Everytime i post a subject it posts it twce. That’s not my fault. Do you know what a TRANSPONDER is? If a VFR plane is not on flight following or on a VFR flight plan, its SQUAWK CODE is 1200. When the plane is on flight following or has a flight plan the SQUAWK CODE is changed to what the controller wants. The pilot then turns knobs or pushes buttons to enter the desired SQUAWK CODE. So…they could show VFR planes from info from the TRANSPONDER. It was just an IDEA!


Once again, run a search to see that this has been requested numerous times before, and read the FAQ’s to see why this is not available.