Shorter timeout for inactive nearby sites


Could inactive nearby sites be changed so they disappear after 7 days or 14 days instead of 30?



Currently ADS-B feeder site stats have a 30-day timeout in general. After 30 days of inactivity the entire site is disabled and will not show in any stats on the web site. We can consider reducing this interval for the nearby sites; I will track it as a future idea. Thank you.



i did ask flightaware several times whether they could ban the ‘unclaimed’ from nearby sites. i most of the time have 2 or 3 but sometimes had 20 - so that my nearby sites was totally unusable.
could you please add this wish?



Yes I see no point in keeping them displayed for 30 days. 7 days is enough.


@TomMuc yes we have that on the wish list as well.


perfect - thanks eric :slight_smile:


Remove them from display after 7 days if you like, but deleting previously working sites altogether after only 30 days, without any warning, is too soon. It can take longer than that to restore a remote site. This has happened twice for me and now I just leave them unconfigured since FA deleted all the position info etc. They work fine in my own system anyways.

Unclaimed sites are completely different, but I’m talking about sites running for over a year and then you just delete them. Rude!



The request above is just to not show them in the nearby sites table. I do not anticipate us changing the 30-day inactivity timeout for a site overall.


You should send a warning email every 14 days and allow users to extend the period beyond 30 days if necessary.


Perhaps a user setting filter could be a compromise?